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Collaborators’ Day

Your questions about white papers and working with LAS, answered 

June 20, 2023
2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Live Webinar


00:00 Welcome and Introduction – Dr. Alyson Wilson 02:59 Overview of LAS – Dr. Alyson Wilson 07:57 How does LAS work? – Dr. Matt Schmidt 15:28 Areas We Work In – Dr. Matt Schmidt 16:18 Operationalizing AI/ML – Dr. Jascha Swisher 22:12 Human-Machine Teaming – Dr. Christine Brugh 31:04 Content Triage – Ms. Lori Wachter 37:38 Q & A 46:26 Application Areas – Dr. Matt Schmidt 1:11:34 Logistics & Office Hours – Dr. Matt Schmidt 1:19:13 White Papers – Dr. Matt Schmidt 1:27:43 Wrap Up

In a live webinar, staff from the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) share an overview of the lab and how we work, explain our technical and application interest topics for the coming year, and conduct a Q&A session with attendees who are interested in submitting a white paper. 

Each summer, potential collaborators from academia and industry are invited to submit one or more white papers detailing potential work that could be funded in the following calendar year. Collaborators selected for funding will work with intelligence researchers to deliver mission-relevant solutions to better support today’s intelligence analysts.

Office Hours

After Collaborators’ Day, LAS staff host individual 15-minute Google Meet sessions to answer questions about our areas of interest, context for project proposals, how LAS operates, and the white paper submission process. Office hours sessions will not be recorded.