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Two people with short hair, wearing LAS lanyards, sit across from each other at a table, holding coffee mugs. They are smiling and having a conversation.

Summer Research Opportunities

Graduate students, faculty, and practitioners from academia and industry are invited to apply for the Summer Conference on Applied Data Science (SCADS).

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We bring together great minds to strengthen national security.

LAS is a collaboration between government analysts, academics and industry professionals. We create innovative technology that bolsters national security and improves intelligence analysis.

We are mission oriented. Our teams discover technology that can quickly inspect large amounts of information in order to identify opportunities and counter threats.

Our research is translational — we apply laboratory discoveries to real-world challenges. In the medical world, translational research means “from bench to bedside.” In the intelligence world, our translational research bridges the gap between the great ideas discovered in an academic setting and a problem that the intelligence community is trying to solve. 

At LAS, we collaborate, innovate and transform.

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