2016 LAS Research Symposium Posters

A Modified ACH Approach to Supply Chain Risk Analysis Dr. Robert Handfield
A Survey of Visual Analytics Tools for Effective Decision-Making R. Jordan Crouser
A Text Microplanner for Narrative Generation Dr. Nancy L. Green


A Visualization for Function Conjunction in Excel Spreadsheets Emerson Murphy-Hill
Action Reconstruction as Planning Markus Eger
Adding Resilience to the Network by Protecting Against Persistent OSPF Attacks: The First Step Towards Recovery Prof. Doug Reeves
Advanced Question Processing (AQP) Lori Wachter
Algorithms for Knowledge Graph Construction Nagiza Samatova
Analytic Component Interface (ACI): Developing Standard Analytic Constructs Matt Schmidt
Analytic Component System (ACS): A Framework for Structured Tradecraft Matt Schmidt
Analytic Computing Environment (ACE): A Computing Platform for Analytic Components Matt Schmidt
Analytic Rigor Tool Beverly Tyler
Anticipatory Thinking Environments James Lester
Authorial Goals in Discourse Planning Colin Potts
Automatic Task-Centric Organization of Analyst’s Documents using Instrumentation and Journaling data Paul Jones
The Analysis Engine: Structuring Data for Structured Analysis Drs. Rob/Judy Johnston
Code Analyst Writing for Executive Functioning Joann Keyton
Collaboration Joann Keyton
Cyber Predictive Tradecraft Storyboard Adam Amos-Binks
Cyber Test Range Robert Sigmon
Data, Information, and Knowledge Management John Harkins
Declarative Specification of Scalable Workflows Munindar Singh
Design Thinking through Research Course Sharon Joines
Development of Key Variance Visualizations of Analytic Workflow for the Support of Data Based Discussions of Workflow for the Support of Data Based Discussions of The WestWolf Field Study Mark Wilson
Emergent Spatio-Temporal Structures in Complex Networks and the Interdependence between Protection-Threat Dynamics and the Formation of Complex Networks Alonza Mumford
Emerging Technologies Vic Castillo
Exploratory Security Analysis of BGP Streams VENUS Cybersecurity
FAREFIGHT (Event Associations) Devin Shackle
FAREWAYS: Dynamic Prediction of Traffic Anomalies in Urban Environments Stephanie Beard/Jamie Shorey
Future State Prediction for Sensemaking Oxman Ozaltin
Future States Processing Tim Dinger
General Workflow Recommendation Paul Jones
Illustrated Image Analytics: Computer Vision and Nineteenth-Century Newspapers Paul Fyfe
Implicit Tabular Taxonomy for Table Concept Labeling Austin Allshouse
Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Journaling Kathleen Vogel
LAS Collaboration Conversation Jessica Jameson
LAS Collaboration Model Kim Kotlar
LAS Overview Poster Forrest Allen
LAS Strategic Formation & Evolution Beverly Tyler
Leading the Convoy: What Happens When They Know What They’re Doing? Bill Boettcher
Machine Augmented Analytics Platform (MAAP) Joe Aguayo
Modeling Mistaken Behaviors Brandon Thorne
Multimedia Aware Discourse Generation Justus Robertson
Natural User Interfaces for Visualization Interaction on Large Display Walls Rob St. Amant
New Visualization Technologies: Timelining Event Data Using TimeGlider Pat Laughlin
NQUEST: Novel Quantitative Experimental Study on Transliteration Jon Richards-Stallings/Richard Tait
Open Source Bioweapons Threat Assessments: Pathogen Supply Chains Kathleen Vogel
OpenKE Text Analytics (Categorical UAV_UAS Taxonomy) Lori Davis
OpenKE – Overview Felecia Vega
OpenKE – Technology Felecia Vega
OpenKE – Tradecraft Felecia Vega
PivotWall: Combining SDN and Host Context to Defend Against Stepping Stone Attacks Will Enck
Privacy Working Together Jerry Amass
Private-Preserving Algorithms to Release Sparse High Dimensional Histograms Beka Steorts
Problem Formulation for Accommodation Support in Plan-based Interactive Narratives Adam Amos-Binks
RASOR Ariana Andrews
Reporting Modernization: Getting to a Living Report with Collaborative Report Generation & Audience Specific Dissemination Ruth Tayloe
Representing Time on Story-Telling Maps Laura Tateosian
Researching Transformation Chad Hoggan
Scalable Posterior Approximation Galen Reeves
Sentiment-Based Document Collection Narratives Chris Healey
SmartCities: Anticipating Agents of Change Adam Amos-Binks
Social Media Analytics In Support of the Rio Olympics Lori Davis
Spatial Analysis of Crowd-Sourced Mobile Data Soumendra Lahiri
Supply chain interdiction: combating the future drone black market Maria Mayorga
Technology Transition Conduit  Dawn Hendricks/Jody Coward
The Analysis Engine: Structuring Data for Structured Analysis Drs. Rob/Judy Johnston
Tools for Studying Communication in Multiple Dimensions Chris Argenta
Towards Automatic Linkage of Analyst’s Claims with Associated Evidence from Screenshots Paul Jones
Understanding Membership in Terrorist Groups: A Systematic Review Sarah Desmarais
Unstructured Text Summarization Carson Cumbee
Veracity Hector Rendon
Virtual Collaboration Jessica Jameson
Visualization Tools for Analysis Tasks Ken Thompson


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LAS aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of academic, industry, and government researchers, analysts and managers together to re-engineer the intelligence analysis process to promote predictive analysis. LAS will do this by conducting both classified and unclassified research in a variety of areas of research. The research done in this area will serve as the foundation for mission effects and integrated back into the enterprise.

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