The Call for White Papers for 2023 LAS Activities will be posted on June 6, 2022. Read more


The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) formally kicks off its annual planning cycle by releasing its Call for White Papers for 2022 LAS Activities. This document describes and provides examples of research and application areas of interest for LAS. It is derived from a careful consideration of mission needs (based on discussions with IC partners) as well as the current expertise and interests of LAS-G staff.

The Call for White Papers also sets the stage for LAS Collaborators Day and Office Hours for our current and future academic and industry partners interested in working with the LAS in 2022. This event is designed to attract unique and qualified academic and industry partners who are interested in working with LAS. This event consists of a plenary introductory presentation and Q&A followed by individual discussions with LAS research and analytical staff. Advanced registration is required to receive the Zoom login information.

You should prepare for this event by reviewing the research and application areas of interest in the Call for White Papers. The information provided in the document along with the discussions during LAS Collaborators Week can help you determine how your interests align with those of LAS. Please submit white papers to LAS for consideration by Friday, July 16, 2021, at 11:59 pm EDT. You will submit your white papers via the white paper submission website, where you can find detailed instructions on the submission process. We ask that you upload your white paper to the tool as an Adobe PDF.

Call for White Papers for 2022 LAS Activities

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LAS aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of academic, industry, and government researchers, analysts and managers together to re-engineer the intelligence analysis process to promote predictive analysis. LAS will do this by conducting both classified and unclassified research in a variety of areas of research. The research done in this area will serve as the foundation for mission effects and integrated back into the enterprise.

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