Analytic Rigor and Performance (ARP)

LAS research in Analytic Rigor & Performance (ARP) seeks to improve intelligence analysis and analytic outcomes by helping analysts balance the need for analytic rigor with real-world constraints such as timeliness and resources, as well as identifying factors and interventions that can enhance analytic performance. ARP considers the intelligence analysis decision-making space as a collective “joint cognitive system” of [analytic environment/mission + tools/systems used+ analyst/human] together, in order to identify pressures that can cause risks to analytic rigor when applied to underlying weak points in this system and to measure how appropriate interventions may strength the entire system.

ARP Performers 

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LAS aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of academic, industry, and government researchers, analysts and managers together to re-engineer the intelligence analysis process to promote predictive analysis. LAS will do this by conducting both classified and unclassified research in a variety of areas of research. The research done in this area will serve as the foundation for mission effects and integrated back into the enterprise.

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