SCADS  Student FAQ


Is there an expected degree level for student applicants?

Graduate research students are our primary target, but we are also open to undergraduate students with a direct interest in the problem or defense / intelligence areas as well.


Will there be any clearance requirements for the internship?

A security clearance is not required. The conference will be unclassified. Applicants with active clearances should note that status in their application.


Do you need a research paper submission to be considered for a student intern position?

No research paper is required. To apply, please submit a resume/CV, cover letter, and contact information for 2-3 references via the application form.


If we live in Raleigh already will we have to move onto campus?

No. You can if you want to, but it won’t be a requirement


Is this internship open to international students? 

Yes, international students are welcome. 


Will this be considered a cross-enrollment at NC State University?

You will not be enrolled at NC State. Interns are considered temporary employees of NC State.


Are there specific domains or major user behaviors we are going to focus on for the daily reports?

The short answer is no. Specific domains and user data behaviors can be selected to focus on within problem groups.


What are the data sources we can leverage to generate the daily report?

There will be datasets compiled to begin working on/with at the beginning of the conference. You may also help identify, create, and/or utilize other datasets to help with working on your problem.


What languages are we going to focus on with regards to abstract summarization?

We will focus primarily on English. We may investigate additional languages of interest, as well as create an abstract summarization in English from material(s) in other languages.


If we are interested in more than one internship position should we only submit one resume or to multiple spots?

Please submit your materials only once. You can list the position(s) in which you are interested in your cover letter.


How will mentorship be provided to student interns?

We would like every student to be partnered with a faculty member or researcher at the event. Part of Weeks 1 and 2 will be students and researchers/faculty pairing up, most likely within their problem area. 


Is there a cap in the number of student intern applicants considered?

There is no cap on the number of applicants we will consider for the student internship positions. We anticipate hiring 6-12 students in total.


Are research findings being kept in house within the group session participants or will they be made available for paper submissions?

Our intention is to enable publication of research findings to the greatest extent possible. Attendees will be allowed to publish research based on work done at the 2022 SCADS subject to an LAS review for classified or proprietary data. LAS has an existing process to perform this review, which typically takes less than 48 hours.


There will be an expectation that SCADS attendees contribute to the comprehensive technical report produced during the 2022 SCADS. It is our expectation that this report will likely not be publicly releasable as a whole, but individual components contributed by attendees could serve as the basis for publishable papers. 


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