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2020 Virtual Collaborators Week – Kickoff Slides

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LAS Virtual Collaborators Week

Every year, the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS) formally kicks off its annual planning cycle by releasing its Call for White Papers.  The Call for White Papers sets the stage for LAS Collaborators Day, an annual event hosted in June. This event is designed to attract uniquely qualified academic and industry partners who are interested in working with LAS. This afternoon-only event has traditionally consisted of an introductory session followed by an open discussion with LAS research and analytical staff.

Collaboration is the heart of LAS, and we are always looking for new partners.  We strive to bring together multidisciplinary teams that incorporate the best of government, industry, and academia. Our aim, as always, is to ‘bring the outside in’ to address IC mission challenges through the development of prototypes and demonstration of novel proofs of concept. We work by using unclassified mission-driven exemplars that also have applicability to academic and commercial partners and link these mission exemplars to IC corporate goals, strategies, and requirements.  We augment these project teams with IC researchers and analysts, who work full time on-campus and hand-in-hand with team members to deliver mission-relevant solutions to better support today’s intelligence analysts.

With NC State University largely shut down and with COVID-19 social distancing measures in place, LAS is putting a new twist on the format for this year’s event. LAS Virtual Collaborators Week will be a 100% virtual affair that will run in segments from 15-18 June 2020. The agenda is as follows:

  • Monday, 15 June: The LAS Principal Investigator and Director of Programs will host a virtual introductory session via Zoom to discuss the research and application areas described in the 2021 Call for White Papers, provide an overview of LAS, and describe the logistics for submitting whitepapers. This session, which will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards on the LAS website, will also include a Q&A session.
    • In order to receive the Zoom login information, all individuals interested in attending this recorded session live will need to register in advance. You will need to be signed into your Zoom account to access this meeting.
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  • Tuesday, 16 June – Thursday, 18 June: LAS will host private individual ‘Office Hours’ sessions via ZOOM for each of its 2021 research and application areas of interest: Analytic Rigor and Performance, Human-Machine Collaboration, Machine Learning Integrity, Data Triage, Influence Campaigns, Selected Cybersecurity Challenges, and Additional Use Cases. During these sessions, NCSU and government staff from LAS will make themselves available for short discussions with prospective partners. Discussions will focus on preliminary ideas for project proposals. If you have questions about how LAS operates or the white paper submission process, please also sign up for a session on How to Work with LAS/White Paper Submission Questions.You will be able to sign up for a 10-minute discussion slot via one of the Google Appointments Calendars linked below. To ensure confidentiality, these Office Hours sessions will not be recorded. Interested parties are encouraged to prepare questions in advance, as the ten minutes will go by quickly.

Sign Up for Office Hours with Members of LAS Research Teams

Tuesday 16 June

0900 – 1100:  Sign Up for Office Hours – How to Work with LAS/White Paper Submission Questions 

1300 – 1500:  Sign Up for Office Hours – How to Work with LAS/White Paper Submission Questions

Wednesday 17 June

0900 – 1130:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Analytic Rigor and Performance

1200 – 1430:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Influence

1430 – 1700:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Triage

Thursday 18 June

0900 – 1130:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Machine Learning Integrity

1200 – 1430:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Selected Cyber Security Challenges

1200 – 1430:  Sign up for Office Hours for Additional Use Cases

1430 – 1700:  Sign Up for Office Hours for Human Machine Collaboration

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LAS aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of academic, industry, and government researchers, analysts and managers together to re-engineer the intelligence analysis process to promote predictive analysis. LAS will do this by conducting both classified and unclassified research in a variety of areas of research. The research done in this area will serve as the foundation for mission effects and integrated back into the enterprise.

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