2018 Call for Projects

LAS has initiated its Call for Projects for 2018. For 2018, we will pursue three primary themes of Structured Analytic Tradecraft, Analytics, and Sensemaking, and five mission-relevant projects, which we call exemplars.  The five exemplars for 2018 are:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Anticipatory Thinking
  3. Collaborative Computing
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Resisting Influence and Supporting Stability Campaign (RISSC)

In addition to these exemplars, efforts around the Science of Collaboration, Open Source Analysis, Analytic Integrity for Machine Learning, and Triage will also be pursued in 2018.  

To ensure you are able to best position your work to benefit LAS, we will provide you multiple opportunities to engage with our team. We encourage you to attend Collaborators Day on June 20th, and interact directly with our exemplar leads and program managers. If after these interactions you would like to join one or more of our teams and feel that you can make a material contribution, the next step is to submit a white paper to LAS for review not later than July 21. Your submission should NOT contain classified, proprietary, or sensitive information of any kind, as it will be reviewed by NC State and USG personnel, as well as by select partners from industry and academia hired to make recommendations to LAS on which approaches will best help us achieve our goals. That said, the decision on who receives funding rests exclusively with the LAS Principal Investigator, Dr. Alyson Wilson, and the LAS Director of Programs, Trey Overman.

For more information on the Call for Projects, including descriptions of the planned efforts and more details on the white paper process, please review the Description of 2018 Activities document.  

Collaborator’s Day Presentations

The slide deck presented at Collaborator’s Day can be found here.  

Entire Presentation

Anticipatory Thinking 

Collaborative Computing 


Internet of Things

Resisting Influence and Support Stability Campaign

Advanced Concepts 




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LAS aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of academic, industry, and government researchers, analysts and managers together to re-engineer the intelligence analysis process to promote predictive analysis. LAS will do this by conducting both classified and unclassified research in a variety of areas of research. The research done in this area will serve as the foundation for mission effects and integrated back into the enterprise.

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